About Avivit

“Israeli Dance in Holland with Avivit” has become one of the most popular classes of modern folk dancing. For children and adults alike, Avivit dances, organizes workshops, and performs and teaches with contagious enthusiasm.

Since 1997 these classes have grown into a popular cultural happening for aficionados of Israeli folk dancing in Holland and abroad.

Born in Tel-Aviv, Avivit at the age of twelve started to take dance classes at the famous choreographer Shlomo Maman.

In 1998, Avivit joined the “Israeli Theatre in Holland” which, at the time, was rehearsing for the musical “Kazablan”. She participated and performed in this musical and most productions that were to follow (The Palestinian; Fiddler On The Roof; Salach Shabati; Mishpachat Tsanani and recently Kuni Lemel and Totzeret Ha’Aretz). Her main contribution to these productions was choreography and dance coaching.

The same year Avivit received the diplomas that officially enabled her to teach and joined the association “Dans In School,” where until today she teaches children of all ages in schools throughout The Netherlands.

If you come to Amsterdam, do not miss Avivit!